Dog Daycare

Have you been working long hours? A last minute barbecue with friends you just can’t miss? Whatever keeps you away from home we have what you need to make life easier when having pets of your own. Dogs are social creatures and just like you and I, they love a good interaction with both, other dogs and humans. Wishes on Leashes daycare has a few packages you don’t want to miss out on!

Benefits of the daycare:

  • Increases confidence to meet and socialize with other dogs
  • Increases listening and obedience skills
  • Mental and physical stimulation throughout the day
  • Decreases boredom which causes bad habits such as chewing and barking


Half daycare (up to 5hs): $20
Full daycare (up to 8hs): $35

Pre-paid packages

  • 10 full: $280 (20%off) valid for 2 months
  • 15 full: $394 (25% off) valid for 2 months
  • 20 full: $490 (30% off) valid for 3 months
  • 30 full: $682 (35% off) valid for 5 months

Need a hand with Fido’s transportation? We offer pick up/drop off services within 5mi radius!

  • Pick up $8
  • Drop off $8

Please contact us for rates outside this zone.